Security is often a hidden cost in managing a facility that many institutions are unwilling to pay for. This is because key factors of the nature of security create a naturally high cost structure, while the low frequency of action means that often full days of operations have no return on investment, beyond the simple act of a “show of force”.

Some of the hidden elements of cost include:

  • High cost of set up

The need for constant surveillance over all vulnerable areas is both a high upfront cost for the camera architecture as well as cost of building facilities for security guards. As the cameras are often exposed to the external environment, this also includes a high maintenance cost

  • High manpower cost

Despite the fact that security personnel are often thought of as low cost hires, this is far from the truth. Three key elements impact this. Firstly, they need to be weapon trained and provided danger pay. Second, they often have to be paid higher hourly rates due to the night shifts. Thirdly there is always a need to have multiple guards on patrol and at the surveillance room at all times. This increase both the number of hours paid and the cost per hour has a solution for this:

  1. The intelligent camera integration allows for security guards to patrol and monitor surveillance at the same time and with the same effectiveness, as only true anomalous activities are signalled out.
  2. The messaging and task system allows security guards to react quickly to changes, not only increasing effectiveness, but reducing the total number of guards needed to ensure a force majority at the point of encounter



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