One of the largest and most iconic local fast food chains in Indonesia has seen profits drop across it’s business as customers complain about huge variations in food and service quality within the same outlets on different day.

In the age of social media, the loudest voices are those of dissatisfaction, and with even a handful of disgruntled customers, the online image of a store can be irreversibly tarnished.

In the case of the restaurant chain, the result was over 50% of their outlets closing and 80% of franchises being taken back. helped to resolve these inconsistencies by ensuring that every store was providing the best possible serve as if the best managers were monitoring every store all the time.

  1. An A.I. curated feed of all key happening at the store ensures the best people are always dealing with the biggest issues. integrates with existing IP cameras and computer vision processing to providing a live update of:

  • Number of customers
  • Staff needs and staff activities
  • And key occurrences such as disgruntled customers

This allows a few trained personnel to always to aware of which situations need them most. More importantly, the feed curation ensures that managers do not waste time looking at the cameras when there are no significant events, saving a lot of time and maximise the value of the investment already made in the camera systems.

  1. Constant monitoring system ensures facilities are never run at sub-optimal levels uses Bluetooth signals to ensure that employees are always available and actively on duty. Unlike clock in-clock out systems which provides no information of what happens between those two points in time, not only ensures employees are available, but uses an integrated chat system to provide live notifications on where employees are needed.

  1. A system for human management integrated for the formation of high performing teams is designed for employees first and is constantly being tuned to get the very best out of each employee. This is done through a few key strategies:

  • Optimizing shifts around team composition through behaviour analytics
  • Gamification of actual productivity targets
  • Community building around ownership and a “sense of belonging” to the company

Through these 3 systems aims to ensure that the store is performing at it’s very best, any all times and especially at critical moments when the public is judging performance.

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