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Turn your property data to action in real time

Enable real -world recommendations

Supercharge your customer experience by offering every customer personalised deals through micro-segmentation as shoppers and visitors enter your store.

Go from vision to recognition

Augment your staff with intelligent video analytics that allows a range of highly customised applications ranging from people counting to threat detection.

Capture and scale your learning

Our machine learning models are constantly improving from your customers’ interactions. Learn from one location and embed improvements across your enterprise overnight.

Respond to events in real time

Go beyond insights to action – customise your solution to respond to a wide range of events by triggering smart workflows and notifications.

Lauretta for enterprises

Lauretta is an enterprise ready solution. We understand your complex mix of new and legacy systems, evolving business needs, and unruly data landscape. Our solution is designed from the ground up to integrate with enterprise data streams, and scale with the largest of big data use cases.

Features that make Lauretta truly enterprise-grade
  • Massively scalable

  • Patent-pending technology

  • Enterprise API-ready

  • Online-to-offline integration

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